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2018 – Over $1 million was brought in for the Medical Device Company and Non Profit combined during the year. Both making positive movement forward. Non Profit can now utilize active website in raising addition funds.

2017 – Medical Device continues to grow and raises over $600,000. Over $2.2 million for Series B. Non Profit ends year with money in bank and over three quarter of a million hits annually on its website. 

2016 – Transitioned construction company to on site CFO. Non Profit sees major industry donor return because of results. Executive director starts concentrating strongly on growing the web based interaction. Medical Device company hires Sales expert to put National Specialty Distributor network together. Continues raising capital $500,000 +. 

2015 – Medical Device company continued to raise capital via PPM receiving over $565,000 during the year. Non Profit transitioned to higher quality remote employees greatly improving communication with the public via website. Cashflow discussed weekly and improving.

Continued working with construction company to help present proper documentation for expanding their licensing.

2014 - Working closely with National Non Profit to put on a solid cash basis.  Company has successfully moved to upgraded and less expensive location, held very successful meeting of contributors and have positive cash flow.

Produced all financial data for $5 million Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for emerging Medical Device company.

Investors placed $628,000 first year.

Worked with internet based company to prepare proper financial statements to successfully raise capital. Continued work with construction company on resolving issues with general contractor.

2013 - Investor Loans - for Emerging Company exceeded $130K. Worked with CEO - Manufacturing company secured six figure loan with no personal guarantees.  Consulted with CEO on removal of members (owners) - completed without resorting to legal action.  Ran Nationwide Non Profit during search for new executive director.  Introduced successful candidate to Board of Directors.  His term began January 2014.

2012 –Venture capital is available but extremely hard to obtain. Completed $1,000,000 Convertible Debt Raise. 

Completed funding on small business with less than perfect credit – required 6 months of work.

Introduced turnaround CEO and already see results.

2011 - Medical device companies are making headway. 

This year the companies will be recovering financially but additional jobs look thin. Looking forward to Boeing starting up in Charleston.

2010 - Worked with a $9 million Manufacturer to negotiate with his bank. Bankruptcy appeared next step, now the bank is going to help company get back on its feet. Win Win for both sides. 

Qualified one customer for over $1 million of grant money from Therapeutic Discovery Project Program 

2009 - Obtained seven loans for clients during the worst financial crisis in my lifetime. In addition to the loans, completed a $1 plus million Private Placement. 

2008 - Prepared for a startup a lending request and business plan. Transaction was completed but required unique financing due to virtually no credit availability. Final result - Manufacturer financing was obtained.

April 2008: Restructured clients debt from secured by CEO's home to an unsecured line of credit to the company. The new line of credit was 4 times larger.  Participated in debt restructuring including $2 million equity investment.

2007: Secured with partner a $4 million equity commitment from private equity firm for manufacturer.