PO Box 20923, Charleston, SC 29413

(843) 693-4498

Dedicated to providing financial expertise on an interim, as needed basis.


Corporate Leadership

    o Function as a business confidant and sounding board for CEO. 

   o Help find solutions to major issues CEO desires to keep confidential. 

   o   Lead the identification of financial goals that support the overall business plan.

Fund Raising, Sales and Acquisitions 

o Identify and/or confirm company’s need for capital infusion.

o Lead debt or equity capital raise, detailing the required steps. 

o Introduce capital sources.

Financial Analysis
o Develop appropriate reporting systems to detail, quantify and track financial goals.

o Design, build and implement company financial scorecards.  
              o Provides CEO and management deeper understanding of company’s financial status.

Departmental Staffing 

   o Review accounting staff; make recommendations.

   o Determine skill-set needs and recruitment of permanent CFO.

 Software Systems

   o Review and optimize current accounting software. 

   o  Assist in the design and requirement identification. 

 Financial Liaison 

   o Develop presentations for the Board of Directors and financial institutions. 

o Coordinate with government/state regulatory agencies if needed.